spbSPB Skin Emulsion is a medical device that:

• Creates a physical barrier, protecting the skin from allergens and irritants.
• It specifically block latex proteins and other irritants from contacting the skin.
• Minimizes the symptoms of atopic and contact dermatitis and many types of skin irritations.

What is SPB?

The SPB® family of products was designed and developed specifically to protect skin from latex proteins. No other product is known to take the approach of blocking latex proteins. In clinical trials, all symptoms from latex allergy such as itching, rashes, redness, swelling, and urticaria were substantially reduced and in most cases eliminated by the use of SPB, with no adverse reactions. The goal was to design a simple, effective, cost-effective, topical product that, with minor variations, can effectively block latex proteins and other irritants, and manage moisture and healing.

SPB® is an emulsion that acts as a barrier on the skin to minimize the symptoms of atopic and contact dermatitis (induced by latex exposure or else), as well as many types of skin irritations, relieving burning and itching. This is achieved via an easy to use product, which can be applied as many times per day as required, with no known (or even suspected) adverse impacts.

What is in SPB?

As an important advance in biotechnology, microfilms and surface chemistry, a few ingredients are all that is required for SPB® to provide optimum performance. SPB® contains only water, the co-polymer (to provide emulsion structure), African palm oils (as moisturizer), eucalyptus oil (for fragrance, optional) and silver nanoparticles (as a preservative).

Strengths of SPB

• SPB® is capable of eliminating and avoiding, through continuous use, the burning and itching associated with allergic and contact dermatitis (including latex allergy).
• Creates a physical barrier, protecting the skin from allergens and irritants.
• It is easy to apply, leaving no residues on the skin.
• It is non-abrasive, does not burn the skin, and is non-toxic and 100% safe.
• SPB® has a pleasant smell (including fragrance and fragrance-free versions).
• Provides a dry, yet smoothing feeling to the skin.