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Innovative, cost-effective, "best in class" solutions to pressing problems in the global medical industry.

CITOFEM PLUS = Citofem and Viro-safe. For use in the United States and its Territories.

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CITOFEM PLUS = Citofem® + Viro-safe®

Citofem® + Viro-safe® components provide the most complete perspective on diagnosis with critical adjunct diagnostic information.

Citofem® and Viro-Safe® components are designed to work optimally together to provide the most complete information for physicians and their patients.  

 In standard in vitro clinical practice, cytology is the first analytical step.  A sample of cells is taken from a patient and analyzed using Citofem®’s liquid cytology system, following Citofem®’s instructions and the accepted cytology protocols (bucal, penile, vaginal, anal, cervical, pleural, etc) for determination of abnormal cells.  

In case of an inconclusive cytology result, the identification of a dysplasia, or a physician’s decision to do so, confirmatory testing with Viro-Safe® can be conducted in the same laboratory, with the same equipment, and using the same patient sample to detect the presence of the L1 capsid protein of HPV high risk strains and their current activity.  Follow-up testing with Viro-safe® can be conducted up to 90 days later from the original Citofem® patient sample.

CITOFEM PLUS® components versus Competitors

1) Highest quality results

2) When used sequentially (Citofem®, with VIRO-safe® components confirmatory test)

Includes much more information than other test/follow-up combinations on the market.

3) Simple and fast

Perfect complementarity with Citofem (results in hours)

4) Allows any cytology or pathology lab to provide highest quality tests on market with existing lab equipment and personnel

5) No special equipment required to process

6) No need for patient to return to lab, different lab or physician´s office for complete information

7) The compatible components provide better cell and viral load capture

8) All at a fraction of the price of current test/follow up combinations

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Viro-safe confirmation also shows viral activity

Citofem® components, like all high quality liquid cytology tests, provide critical information to the patient’s physician allowing a diagnosis based on the presence or absence of cancerous tissues or precancerous lesions.  Because Viro-Safe® components determine the presence of the L1 capsid protein of the HPV high risk strains, rather than the presence of virus DNA (as in all molecular biology-based tests),  Viro-Safe® components provide accurate information on the activity of the virus (e.g. presence of L1 capsid indicates the presence of  the virus in active state). This information, when confirming Citofem®’s results, provides a physician with very complete picture to present the patient’s diagnosis including valuable adjunctive diagnostic information.


  • Citofem and Viro-safe are sold as components.
  • 500 Citofem tests are sold with 50 Viro-safe tests
  • Viro-safe is also sold as a replacement components