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Innovative, cost-effective, "best in class" solutions to pressing problems in the global medical industry.

SPB for international use.

For information on the status of SPB Family products for the U.S., please contact bioTD at

The SPB® Family

SPB® is a medical device first developed to eliminate the number one problem faced by users of latex gloves– allergic reactions caused by their frequent use. From there an entire family of products was born to protect skin from irritants like latex, chemicals and many others.

What is SPB®?

El SPB® is an emulsion containing extracts of alfrican palm, tenso-actives, preservatives, and polymers that when applied to skin create a protective microfilm composed of natural waxes that create an effective barrier which prevents cutaneous irritants like latex from irritating the skin. 

 Based on surface chemistry, SPB® forms an invisible protective film on the skin, blocking contact with irritants such as latex, avoiding allergic reactions. 

The science of SPB®

SPB® is made from a mixture of natural products and polymers, which combined applying the correct surface chemistry protects the skin from the effects of a variety of irritants.

 SPB®´s combination of oils, fatty acids, emulsifiers, surfactants, viscosity adjusters and pH regulators create an emulsion, which when applied to the skin prevents irritants such as those of latex from coming into contact with the skin.  The formulation is non-toxic and does not harm ecosystems.

What are SPB®´s strengths?

SPB® is the only product on the market capable of eliminating and avoiding, through continuous use, allergies produced by latex. It is easy to apply, leaves no residues on the skin, is not abrasive, does not burn the skin, is non-toxic and 100% safe. SPB® has a pleasant smell, and smooths the skin. SPB® is indicated for people with allergies to latex and those at risk from prolonged exposure to irritants (such as occupational exposure).  

Use instructions

Before contact with irritant (such as prior to using gloves), apply a small quantity, sufficient to cover hands or other areas that require protection.  Rub SPB® over the entire area to be protected, and let dry (a few seconds). Apply again prior to using gloves again. Follow the same steps for protection against irritants in other areas of the body. 

SPB® Latex

An important advance in biotechnology, microfilms and surface chemistry. Excellent for preventing latex proteins from contacting the skin. For people with sensitivity to latex and who have are at risk risk from prolonged exposure, SPB® provides a protective barrier that impedes the allergy-causing contact. Thanks to its formula, SPB® also has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin affected by latex

SPB® Invisible Glove

Excellent for workers whose hands are exposed to contaminants from examining patients, handling money, or from work in the home, in kitchens, schools and others.

SPB® Occupational

Excellent for workers in direct contact with irritating or abrasive substances.