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Phone:    (212) 555 55 00 or (212) 555 55 00

Adress:    Company LTD Street nr 100, 4536534, Chicago, US


Innovative, cost-effective, "best in class" solutions to pressing problems in the global medical industry.

Skin Care Products

bioTD developed and manufactures two families of skin care products. Both families present novel, cost-effective solutions to well-known large-scale challenges in the medical industry.

SPB Family of Products

SPB is an emulsion containing extracts of african palm, surfactants, preservatives, and polymers that when applied to the skin forms a microfilm layer to manage and relieve the burning and itching experienced with various types of dermatoses, including atopic and allergic contact dermatitis, and many common types of skin irritation. SPB helps maintain a moist wound & skin environment, which is beneficial to the healing process.

SPB is a viscous liquid supplied from a spray bottle and rubbed on affected areas in the same manner as a moisturizing lotion. It is colorless, nearly odorless and has not shown any adverse reactions in clinical trials.

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Ross Ru Family of Products

Ross Ru® is a highly effective antimicrobial gel formulated with silver nanoparticles in gel form. It is used for healing, cleaning and protecting the skin, blocking even the most resistent microorganisms.

Silver nanoparticles placed near a fungus, or bacteria neutralize the enzymes they use to metabolize oxygen, and alters the permeability of the organism’s membrane. In a few minutes these organisms are effectively asphyxiated. It is especially effective due to its small particle size. And the activity delivered is being proven superior to the existing silver-based wound dressings now marketed worldwide. he silver nanoparticles do not act on host cells because there enzymes are radically different than those of the single cell microorganisms.

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