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Phone:    (212) 555 55 00 or (212) 555 55 00

Adress:    Company LTD Street nr 100, 4536534, Chicago, US


Innovative, cost-effective, "best in class" solutions to pressing problems in the global medical industry.


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CITOFEM family of products

SPB family of products

ROSS-RU family of products

Product lines focus on the following categories:


bioTD is rapidly becoming a global leader in in vitro testing. Our liquid cytology products for cancer detection are recognized as highest quality at best value, marketed as:
• Combinations with molecular biology

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Ross Ru™, SPB™

bioTD's Ross Ru™ family of products provides highly effective nanotechnology-based silver for skin discontinuities.

The SPB® family of products form an invisible protective film on the skin, blocking contact with irritants including latex and other proteins, as well as allergens and mildly corrosive material.

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bioTD has a very interesting pipeline of products well advanced in the R&D process, as well as new service opportunties.

The company also eagerly seeks to in-license developments within specific categories.

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