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Phone:    (212) 555 55 00 or (212) 555 55 00

Adress:    Company LTD Street nr 100, 4536534, Chicago, US


Innovative, cost-effective, "best in class" solutions to pressing problems in the global medical industry.

Cytology In Vitro Diagnostics

bioTD has developed and markets two of the highest quality in vitro diagnostic products available anywhere.

Citofem® Liquid Cytology

Citofem® is a world class liquid cytology product specifically designed for the highest cell capture and greatest reading clarity available anywhere.   Our cytology has been optimized for the highest compatibility with any molecular biology HPV test in the market, thus preferred by many multinational companies.

Citofem® can address a variety of cytology applications, such as: bucal, penile, skin, throat, lymphatic, cervical and thyroid samples.

It is the only xylene-free liquid cytology on the market, protecting lab workers and reducing waste handling costs. 

In comparison to other liquid cytologies, Citofem® stands out for its superior quality as a more reasonable price with not depedency on expensive equipment.                                                                              

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Citofem PLUS®

CITOFEM PLUS® is a combination of liquid cytology and a HPV confirmatory test.  It determines the presence of the L1 capsid protein of HPV high risk strains, providing accurate information on both the presence of the protein and the activity of the virus for the most complete information to physicians and their patients.  

In case of an inconclusive cytology result, the identification of a dysplasia, or a physician’s decision to do so, confirmatory testing with CITOFEM PLUS® can be conducted in the same laboratory, with the same equipment, and up to 90 days later from the original cytology sample.

CITOFEM PLUS® confirmatory test results address the full range of cytological samples, using the same sample and processed in the same cytology lab.

Technical information

presentations for the United States

Technical information

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