BioTD has signed a distribution agreement for Citofem® in Portugal with LaboSphera

BioTD has signed an exclusive agreement for distribution of Citofem® in Portugal with LaboSphera Ltda. in 2013.

LaboSphera – produtos de laboratorio, is a Portuguese company founded by Mr. Carlos Caetano in 2004. Mr. Caetano has a recognized career path as a licenced pathologist and has a broad network of top-level colleagues in both public and private labs throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

“The executives of BioTD are people that I respect and have great esteem for; I am very positive about this agreement and look forward to doing business with them”, expressed Mr. Caetano, CEO of LaboSphera Ltda.

“We are confident LaboSphera represents our products in the most reliable manner and have established a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with Mr. Caetano; LaboSphera serves as one of our European reference labs,” said Robin Wiscovitch, CEO, BioTD. S.A.

Distributor in Portugal
Distributor in Portugal


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